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Caffe Cream’s USP is our array of artisan ice cream and ice cream adjacent products; Home Baked New York Style Cookies, Milkshakes, Cold Brew Floats, and our CAFFE CREAM EXCLUSIVE Affoccinos.

Caffe Cream’s affordable luxuries and diverse range of high-margin franchisor produced products, positions us uniquely in the market presenting a familiar coffee-shop environment but with a significant differentiator to the established coffee shop chains that have become household names.

The community-centric coffee-shop environment means we benefit from strong, regular visit patterns and longer visit durations with good spend. Our incredible, loyal customer base are second to none and ensures we have consistent footfall.

The characteristics of our business model result in higher levels of sales revenue and, due to the generous margins on our products, deliver higher than sector typical net profits.

Indulge in the franchise's artisanal cookies at Caffe Cream
Indulge in the franchise's artisanal ice cream creations at Caffe Cream.

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"80% of franchise businesses are still going strong, whilst 80% of none franchised businesses fail in the first 5 years."

Alongside the creation of the ideal products and store environment, nothing is more important than the service provided to each and every customer. We have spent a long time developing a complete package of processes and policies, from recruitment to training and on to employee engagement - every aspect has been honed and perfected. The result is the highest level of customer experience, and this is a significant part of the recipe of our success.

Our expertise in this field will ensure your success by setting your store apart in the food and beverage sector.

If you are an entrepreneur that appreciates the importance of excellent customer service and high quality, we could be the business opportunity for you.

If you feel that you can deliver on our mission and want to find out more about joining Caffe Cream please click here to apply for your prospectus!

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