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Our Mission

"Our mission is to

combine traditional Italian craftsmanship with Great British flavours, and a sprinkling of American customer service, one scoop at a time."

Small batch ice cream made using traditional Italian production methods
Small batch ice cream made using traditional Italian production methods

Our Social Mission


It is the policy of Caffe Cream to act with a conscious awareness of the sustainability of the planet and the interest of the local commerce. Within months of opening our first store in New Brighton we were crowned Wirral’s Fairtrade Champion and our social mission has continued since then. We have been twice shortlisted at the Liverpool Tourism Awards in the Sustainable Tourism category.

At Caffe Cream we pride ourselves on employing practices that produce a positive impact on our environment. We are committed to conducting ourselves in a way that is beneficial to our people and our planet.

We will never cease in our desire to improve our corporate social responsibility.

We actively practice the following core principles:

  • Locally sourcing produce

  • Reducing waste

  • Recycling waste

  • Using recycled products

  • Reducing energy consumption

  • Reducing packaging


We use calcium straws for our soft drinks and recyclable tubs to transport our baked goods in a bid to reduce our usage of single-use plastics to zero. At present, the only single-use plastics we use are the lids for our takeaway coffee cups and our milkshake cups. Unfortunately, these are unavoidable. As soon as the technology is available to use alternatives to these SUPs we will use them.

In our cafes, we recycle our coffee grounds by bagging them in the bags that the coffee beans came in and making them available to donate for free as fertilizer. ​

Our Sustainability


As a North West based company, Caffe Cream is dedicated to the procurement and promotion of the enviable local produce that the North West boasts. We operate our “CH4 Food” concept, which sees us source as much of our produce as possible from local independent suppliers.


We also actively seek to employ people from within the postcode of our cafes to reduce our carbon footprint where possible. We also specifically seek out employees with no prior experience to give us the opportunity to train them up from scratch. This gives us greater satisfaction knowing that we have given someone the opportunity to get their first foot on the ladder in a potential career in the hospitality industry and we can give them the opportunity to develop their skills with us.


The cumulative effect of these policies has helped to ensure that we are one of the leading innovators for CSR and sustainability in the region.

We love our community and we love what we do. We hope that each of these ambitions will help us shape a better future for our company and our community.

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