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A 2nd Caffe Cream?

As many of you all know, we have a store located in New Brighton, and are known by many for the wonderful views that surround the store. Customers travel from all around the country to try our ice cream, our most recent visit was from a lovely couple who travelled from Birmingham to our store in New Brighton, and shared with us what a wonderful visit they had! This was partly the reason we wanted to open another store, which many people do not know about yet!

We now have another store on the Wirral, located in one of our country’s most historical places. Our second store is situated in Birkenhead Park’s Visitor’s Centre, and we are pleased with how well the store has done so far! As lot of our customers are from or live locally around the Birkenhead area, this prompted us to consider that although New Brighton is a very busy place, it could also be seen as a little too far to travel. This was why we chose Birkenhead Park, a beautiful, historical landmark and attraction, and filled with years of memories for the locals. We are proud to be a part of the community, to be a lot more locally accessible, and to be a part of one of the most beautiful places that our country is popular for. We consider ourselves lucky to live where we do.

Love Team Cream x

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