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Chips and WHAT?!

Is chips and ice cream the new fish and chips?

Earlier this week we launched our latest creation at Caffe Cream, chips and ice cream. Well it’s safe to say that people have gone crazy for it!!!

We’ve all dipped our chips in our milkshakes at a certain burger chain but we’ve taken it to the next level.

Having first seen chips and ice cream in Australia, we decided that we needed to be the ones to bring it to the UK. We knew it was a great concept but we didn't imagine just how much people would be talking about it. Now the Daily Mirror have even written about our crazy concoction. Check out the article below:

Love it or hate it, chips and ice cream is here to stay! Have you tried it yet? Grab a Cup for just £3.50 we recommend trying out the strawberry to get the best flavour combo!

Keep an eye on our Facebook to see what the team at Caffe Cream come up with next.


Team Cream x

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