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10 Things to do this Summer

Our 10 Things To Do With The Kids This Summer

Everyone looks forward to summer, I mean how could you not? The days are longer, the sun appears from behind the endless grey english clouds (sometimes) and everyone wants to get out and get active. These are our top 10 things to do with the kids on the Wirral this summer:

Tam O’Shanter Urban Farm

This Urban Farm is a pretty unique spot on this list, as there aren’t many things like it anymore. Home to a pretty large variety of animals, the Tam O’Shanter Urban Farm is located not too far from Claughton Village, Birkenhead. You might think that sounds a little strange considering it’s right in the middle of a village but that’s the whole point. The Tam O’Shanter Urban Farm is a representation of an area most of us don’t see very often, the countryside. Taking a day to explore and experience an unfamiliar environment can do you a lot of good, especially nowadays considering the amount of time we spend online and watching TV. A breath of the countryside can do you a lot of good and help you appreciate the luxuries you have.

Thurstaston Nature Reserve

Similar to the Urban Farm, the nature reserve in Thurstaston is home to a world a lot of us will be unfamiliar with, however the setting is a bit different. The reserve contains close to 250 acres for you and your family to explore with a mixture of natural and planted woodland, making for some very interesting discoveries. Thurstaston may not have pigs running around the meadows but if you’re looking to appreciate near pure nature I couldn’t think of a more perfect place to visit.

Brimstage Maze

It’s hard to find a good maze these days and when you do you tend to get lost… Ignoring that awful joke I’ll explain why Brimstage Maze is one of my favourite summer attractions. Firstly, the shape of the maze changes every year, so you’re never going to get sick of going around the same maze again and again, unless you get lost of course (and no I won’t stop making these awful jokes). Brimstage Maze is a brilliant day out for family and friends, with plenty to get up to after you conquer the maze itself. With activities ranging from barn slides to an assault course your day is sure to be packed. A quick warning, you ARE going to be exhausted. Opens 15th July!

New Brighton Waterfront

If you’re looking to rest your legs after a full day at the Brimstage Maze, the New Brighton waterfront has plenty of things to keep you occupied and relatively stationary. You’ve got dozens of restaurants and bars to keep your belly full throughout the day and into the night. There’s an open beach you can sit down and relax on in the sun and the country’s best ice cream parlour, Caffe Cream (we may be slightly biased!). If you’re looking for something a bit more than just sitting on the beach you could go bowling or play some arcade games in the New Palace and Adventure Funfair. With a plethora pr activities and eateries you’ll be able to make a day of the waterfront.

Europa Pools

Fancy swimming but don’t like the look of the River Mersey? Europe’s fitness suite is the perfect place to workout but it’s also a great day out if you’re looking to get your swim on! I’m sure by now you’ve visited Europa Pools as it has some really unique pool based facilities. After splashing around in the pool for a while you’re bound to get hungry! Not a problem of course, you can just dry yourself off and grab a bite to eat in the onsite restaurant. I wouldn’t suggest eating before you go in though…

VR HERE (Technically it’s in Liverpool but it’s close to the Kingsway tunnel!)

Before you say it I know, I know this list is supposed to get you and the family out the house and into the fresh air! The problem is VR (Virtual Reality) is too cool to ignore, so it’s included and you’ll just have to deal with that. VR HERE is basically exactly what it says, you get to play around with VR in a special environment. If you’ve never heard of VR it’s basically goggles that you put on and you feel like you’re in a game, it’s reaaaallly cool. This is a great place to take kids that have a particular interest in technology (lets be honest, what kid doesn’t).

Birkenhead Park

If the world of Virtual Reality isn’t you thing I’m guessing that parks will be! As I’m sure you’re aware (because everyone I know keeps telling me about it) Birkenhead Park is the world’s first public park and was the inspiration for Central Park in New York City. Other than the gorgeous scenery the park does also offer a pretty large amount of activities, such as: The free fitness equipment throughout the park, a children’s playground and bunch of other attractions to keep you occupied throughout the day. Of course there is also a fantastic ice cream parlour called Caffe Cream serving a fine selection of food, hot drinks and award winning ice cream. You can find us in the Visitors Centre, we are open 9am-5pm 7 days a week - I promise we’ll stop self promoting now!


If you’re looking for something out of this world you could try the Spaceport (I told you we won’t stop telling awful jokes)! This attraction isn’t as natural as others as it completely centred around science and technology… but It’s a lot of fun! There is a variety of different attractions that change throughout the year. Right now you can see the a Star Wars collection from of of the UK’s biggest collectors, so it’s ideal for all those Star Wars super fans.

Bubbles World of Play

Technically this could be part of the New Brighton waterfront section but I thinks it’s somewhere you could spend the entire day! This is more aimed at younger kids but of course, that never stops dad getting in on the fun. Bubbles World of play is basically a massive indoor play area for kids and it’s not half bad! With plenty for the kids to get on with. Even though it may not seem it, this will be a pretty relaxing day for the parents. You can just relax and all you have to do is wait for the kids to tire themselves out. (This pick is a bit of a cheat day for the parents)

Claremont farm

Lastly, I’d like to add the Claremont farm because if strawberries don’t yell SUMMER to you, I don’t know what will. If you’ve never been to Claremont farm I couldn’t recommend it more. It’s such a lovely atmosphere and you get to eat some of the freshest berries you’ll ever try! Of course you don’t just pick berries, there is an onsite cafe and free tractor rides for the kids. Interestingly there is also fishing and a cookery school which is something I found out recently. Claremont is jam-packed with things to do and it’s all food related so I LOVE IT.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this top ten list of things to do in the Wirral (mostly). We’d love to hear what you think about it. Whether you agree or disagree with our suggestions, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Also, I will not apologise for my awful jokes throughout this list, as I thought they were hilarious.


Team Creamx

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